Who is TTR

What We Do

TTR is a sport scholarship agency that connects student athletes to college coaches. Our network consists of over 20,000+ university coaches within the NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA, NJCAA and CCCAA. On average we secure $30,000 per year in sport scholarship funding for our athletes allowing students to compete and study as student athletes

We begin our process with 8th graders. We believe the earlier the better. Our program starts before high school. Therefore, our athletes will be better prepared. Getting colleges to notice, find interest and eventually accept you into their program is a huge task. Let us help your student level make it to the next level.

This program was developed by former athletes who have been through the recruiting process. Let us use our years of experience to help your student athlete. DO NOT WAIT ON COACHES TO CONTACT YOU, GET PROACTIVE NOW!

Are you a middle school, or high school athlete or are you the parent of a student athlete? Are you ready to go to the Next Level? Contact us today!!!!

TTR has helped and advised over 4000+ athletes through the college recruiting process, securing more than $100,000,000 in sport and academic scholarships since beginning his career in the industry in 2008.

We also serve as advisor to over 10 international sports federations and have consulted for the International Olympic Committee, 25+ International & National Sports Federations, UEFA, UNESCO, World Golf Foundation, R&A, MLS and the Commonwealth Heads of Government selected us to advise the entire Commonwealth on dual-career pathways.

Our agency’s mission is to help the future sports stars of tomorrow. We do this by finding colleges that offer sports scholarships for our clients. We then support our clients throughout college until graduation and then connect them with our partners and our world-class sports ambassadors to help our athletes continue their professional sports or employment ambitions so after college, if you want to pursue  professional career- we have links both in the United States and Europe that can make that  reality.

Our Story

GET RECRUITED! THE TALENT RECRUITER WAS CREATED IN 2010 TO HELP MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AND THEIR PARENTS GET COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS…with one goal in mind: Provide college coaches and student athletes help with the college recruiting process.We are former collegiate and professional/former football players and a lot of us have been through the process before, so we know what college coaches are looking for. We have seen first-hand the struggles parents, coaches and athletes go through during the recruiting process.

The aim of the organization is always be one step ahead of others giving our clients the best opportunities possible.

Over the years, with the growing reputation which has come through the type of athlete we have sent to Colleges, and the service we provide – we have not only earned the trust of parents and their athletes because we know the anxiety involved in getting a college scholarship- years of soccer practice, team registration fees, tournament and coach’s fees and other unquantifiable costs….

With bases in the UK, USA, Spain, and UAE and working with athletes in many other countries, TTR continue to be the leading force with its individual athlete marketing services, tournaments, and many other services.

With approximately 150,000 scholarships on offer each year, across 1400 Colleges, in 5 different divisions/associations’, the opportunity to play College Soccer has never been better.

We are connected to 99% of colleges across the country and we can help players get seen by suitable schools.

Everyone knows a student-athlete who had the abilities to play in college but didn’t. This is very common since there are thousands of prospective student-athletes who go unnoticed to college coaches. Because of this, many athletes give up on their dream of playing in college.

The experience of being a collegiate athlete is one like no other. Unique opportunities and life lessons like discipline, sacrifice and teamwork that are learned throughout their college career helps better prepare student-athletes for real-world professional environments. And while being a college athlete isn’t easy, it’s worth every second.