Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a service to middle and high school athletes, giving them the exposure, they deserve to qualify for universities across the country. We have placed high school prospects and our athletes have been placed at universities on all levels. D-1.D-1AA. D2, D3, NAIA, JUCO. Our staff are directly connected to hundreds of college coaches in all divisions.

Since 2010, TTR’s mission has been to help match student-athletes and college coaches with the best fit for their futures and programs. But our mission is more than just helping athletes get scholarship money, or to fill open spots on a roster. We want to help create better people on and off the field, and college athletics can help grow young people both intellectually and athletically. We strive to find an opportunity for every athlete to reach their full athletic and academic potential.

We are in the business of making dreams come true. The more athletes we can help get recruited, the more dreams we have helped come true; that is what makes our business so successful.

Expectations of Champions

Our Mission starts with high standards and ends with accountability. We’re dedicated to those fundamentals, and that drives us to provide college coaches with athletes who meet their standards and abilities by expecting the same values from our scouts and prospective student-athletes. As with any championship team, we work hard. Shortcuts aren’t in our blood or the TTR culture.

We are here to help talented young men and women from across the world be all that they can be.

By providing life-changing opportunities through college admission and sport scholarships to colleges, we help students unlock their potential and empower their futures.

TTR was created by student-athletes, for student-athletes